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        关于我们 ABOUT WUXI DESIGN

        深圳市伍曦设计顾问有限公司是由一批热情执著的设计精英组成,凭借多年积累的专业经验,以及对高品质生活的共同追求,汇集到新的自由平台上。 不懈努力,不断创新,几年来我们的设计领域涉足商业连锁酒店、餐饮、写字楼、商场以及景观园林等公共空间;专业配合房地产销售的各空间设计,对会所、商业街、商业广场,住户大堂等空间有独到的见解。空间自有生命,设计赋予灵魂。成熟的设计概念、科学的设计流程、专业的服务态度是我们赢得广大房地产投资商认可的关键。 我们的团队虽然年轻,但朝气蓬勃,注重集体的力量和平台的发展。

        WUXI DESIGN CONSULTANT CO., LTD is a group of passionate dedication to design elite, with many years of professional experience, as well as the common pursuit of high quality of life, brought together on the new free platform. Tireless efforts and constant innovation, our design field for several years to get involved in high-end business hotel chains, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls and other public spaces and landscape gardens; professional with real estate sales in each space design, clubs, malls, commercial plazas, household the lobby and other spaces have unique insights. Space of its own life, design gives soul. Mature design concepts, scientific design process, professional service attitude is the key to our win the majority of real estate investors approved. Our team is young, but vibrant, focusing on the development of collective strength and platforms.

        合作伙伴 Partner

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